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The services of

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are categorized in three major categories

Wellness is an integral component in the overall condition of one’s health. The services under this category empower our clients with the information they need so they know and understand how to maintain their body’s health. Wellness is divided into three sub-categories: Consultation, Diagnostics, and Therapy.

The clinic’s surgical and non-surgical aesthetics services is branded as True Beauty. This is in line with RAYA Wellness & Preventive Medicine’s dedication to make sure our clients look as good as they feel.

The Regenerative services highlight the new generation of reparative solutions to damaged tissues and organs in the bodies using innovative medicines, techniques, and technologies.




Leveling up the oxygen game.

An increased amount of oxygen enhances the performance of the body’s function while promoting faster healing of muscles and tissues. The treatment is ideal for those who have fatigue, lack of sleep, need stress management and who wish to enhance exercise performance and recovery.


Cleanse, renew & feel better.

Colon Hydrotherapy utilizes pressurized water to clean the colon of mucus and food remnants, and eliminates the unnecessary bacteria out of the body. It is a kick-starter for weight loss as it speeds up metabolism. It also reduces constipation and improves the immune system.


We got what you need.

RAYA Wellness & Preventive Medicine addresses the unique needs of our clients by offering a variety of hydrating IV infusions, as well as vitamin & nutrient therapy, dedicated to replenish and revitalize their overall wellness. These shots and drips are formulated with high-quality medicines to ensure optimum results. We also go the extra mile by doing an exclusive home service.


Beauty made by sound.

TrueLift is the remarkable evolution of facelift as it uses high intensity focused ultrasound to non-invasively treat deep tissue planes. It effectively lifts the cheeks, the neck and the chin for a more contoured face, as well as reduces face wrinkles and neck lines. It is ideal for those who want to prevent aging of the face, neck and chest.


Need we say more?

How do you define kissable lips? It’s gotta be soft, supple, and moisturized. With Hyaluronic Acid (HA), you can have it too. HA allows your skin cells to bind and to absorb water, adding volume to your lips.


Because you can be flawless.

Baby Face is a procedure that involves micro-injections to the face using multi-growth factors to keep the facial skin young, supple and always soft as a baby.

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