We address your unique needs by offering a variety of hydrating IV infusions, as well as vitamin & nutrient therapy, dedicated to replenish and revitalize your overall wellness. These shots and drips are formulated with high-quality medicines to ensure optimum results. We also go the extra mile by doing an exclusive home service.

B12 Shot
This energy-boosting vitamin is an excellent supplement for your weight loss program as it helps in processing the carbs you intake. It also helps in eliminating alcohol in your body, making you totally guiltless.

Glutathione Shot
A popular antioxidant that boosts your immune system and detoxifies your liver as it whitens your skin and addresses the signs and symptoms of aging. They call it the master antioxidant for a reason.

Glutathione 5000
This shot has five times more glutathione, complemented with a dose of other equally effective antioxidants to maximize nutrient absorption. It is an excellent beauty regimen if you want an effective shot on-the-go.

Glutathione Cocktail
A drip that mixes the formulation of Glutathione 5000 with a bag of IV fluid replacement. This cocktail hydrates you and beautifies you at the same time.

Athlete's Cocktail
Re-energize your body with a cocktail that boosts your performance and increases your strength and your stamina. It is rich in protein that is perfect for your muscles.

Liver Detox Shot
This shot is dedicated to assist your liver's detoxification process as well as help protect your liver cells in order to improve your overall health. It also prevents you from getting diseases as it removes dangerous toxins in your body.

Liver Detox Drip
Detoxify your liver as you replenish your bodily fluids. This drip is also infused with loads of vitamins and nutrients.

Antioxidant Drip
This rehydrating drip has a dynamic fuse of potent antioxidants and a double dose of vitamins to give your immune system an extra boost.

Super Antioxidant Drip
It is the Antioxidant Drip which just got super by tripling the dose of vitamins, boosting your body's overall protection from the problems of the heart, the memory, and the immune system.

Hangover Cure
Let this drip do the multi-tasking job of replenishing your bodily fluids, while detoxifying your liver. It also gets rid of that unwanted headache to keep you back on track.

* You may customize your drips by adding a dose of Amino Acid, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C. Additional charges apply.