Regenerative Health


Infusions are intravenously administered to make medications easily absorbed by the body. Primary users of infusions are patients who find it difficult to orally take their medication.

    Colonic Hydrotherapy

    Colonic hydrotherapy flushes the toxins out of your digestive tract to promote weight loss, better digestions, increased energy, and clearer thinking. The Raya Clinic has the only machine in the market that lets the therapist shift from pressure to gravity mode which gives efficiency and comfort during the procedure.

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    The hyperbaric oxygen therapy, known to treat decompression sickness, can also treat burns, anemia, sudden deafness, and a number of other illnesses and be used for aesthetic purposes.

      Laser Therapy (Vaginal Tightening)

      The vaginal wall could be changing due to childbirth or hormonal change which could lead to discomfort, reduction in sexual satisfaction, or even pain.

      Platelet Rich Plasma (Arthritis and Joint Conditions)

      Platelet is the body’s initial respondent towards healing. PRP heals and regenerates damaged cartilage and ligament, aging skin.