Let’s talk about Heart Disease, Stroke, And Diabetes and their Causes

Did you know? Heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are three of the most common causes of death in our society. They can be prevented by making healthy lifestyle choices. We’ll look into the causes of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes first. Let’s learn more about them!

Heart disease occurs when your heart does not pump blood as well as it should. This can lead to chest pain or discomfort and make you feel tired, dizzy, or short of breath. Heart disease is often caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, smoking, diabetes, and obesity.

A stroke is when a blood vessel bursts or a clot forms, you can get a stroke. Your brain cells start to die when the blood supply to a part of your brain is cut off. There are two main types of strokes: Ischemic and Hemorrhagic. Blocked arteries cause ischemic strokes in your brain. Hemorrhagic strokes are caused by bleeding in your brain.

Diabetes occurs when your body can’t regulate glucose levels. Normal blood glucose levels range between 3 and 7 mg/dL. High blood glucose levels can lead to serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and amputation. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin to control blood glucose levels. In Type 2 diabetes, the body does not use insulin properly or does not produce enough insulin to control blood glucose levels.

Yes, there is a prevention of these diseases!

Heart disease, diabetes, and stroke are all serious health issues that can be life-threatening. It’s important to understand the causes of these illnesses so we can prevent them from happening in the first place.  Now that you understand the dangers of it, let me give you some tips and suggestions on how to prevent it.

Heart disease Prevention.

To reduce your risk of heart disease, eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains and less sodium (salt) and saturated fat. Get regular exercise, at least 30 minutes every day for five days per week. Limit alcohol consumption to no more than two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, it’s important to take steps to manage these conditions at any age so you can lower your risk of developing heart disease.

Stroke Prevention.

Stop smoking if you are a smoker. If you are overweight, lose weight by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Maintain control of high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels by taking prescribed medications as prescribed by your doctor or healthcare provider. Control diabetes by following your doctor’s instructions on diet and exercise to keep blood glucose levels under control.

Diabetes Prevention.

You have to eat right, and that means not eating too much of anything! It also means eating healthy foods that are low in fat, calories, and sugar such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains (especially oats), legumes (beans), low-fat dairy products (milk & cheese), lean meats (chicken & fish), eggs which can help with weight loss too! Also consider taking supplements like vitamin D3 or Omega 3 fatty acids which can improve insulin secretions.

At The Raya Wellness and Preventive Medicine, we can help you manage and prevent your heart disease, diabetes, and possible stroke.

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